Becoming Digital Nomad Part 0 – Quitting your job

Welcome to my first post about my journey to become a digital nomad. By documenting my adventure, I want to show others how to achieve the same.
My first stop will be Japan. 

Taking the plunge

The first step, that came after deciding to become a digital nomad, was to quit my job. After much deliberation how to go about it, I walked up to my boss and told him the news. Then a funny thing happened: I actually managed to keep the job in a reduced form.
How? – I sold all involved parties on the idea of me working remotely for a few hours per week. At first I only did that to be polite to my employer – I’m the only full time programmer in a company that does more traditional IT support. Leaving them with open projects and code didn’t seem fair.
The money wasn’t important at all.
After all I’ve been saving up a decent chunk of money, which should allow me to live in Asia for a year.
But more financial stability is also nice.

There have been a few points they were worried about (Time difference, how to communicate etc.), but I could adress each of them in a meeting. (The answer is not a problem and Trello, Google Hangout and VOIP phone numbers)
I’m now on the road to be earning a few extra bucks even tough I’ll be outside the country.

Avoiding overwork

My biggest worry was that the work will turn out to be a lot more than originally planned. This would leave me with no time to learn Japanese and work on my own projects. Creating a document with agreements between both parties helped against the fear.

The final decision to go through with the plan happened in February 2015. I gave the legally required 3 months notice at the end of march. So there was enough time for planning.
Time will tell how it turns out. I’ll keep you posted.