Deichkind Impressions

I went to see Deichkind on the 20st April 2015. It was a Monday evening so it was kind of tough!

There where 3000 people inside Maag Hall in Zurich. So it was packed. I was standing at the back of the hall, but since I’m tall, I still saw most of the show.

Yes, they went crowdsurfing with boats!



The End Of The Special Time We Were Allowed

(7.11.2014, Cinema Houdini Zürich, Ginmaku Festival) 

Beautiful documentary movie about a singer. Tragic: The singer kills himself during filming.
The director has difficulties dealing with the loss of his friend. He creates a subplot to fill up the rest of the movie. It’s really nicely done. The singer was very talented, it’s a shame! His name was Masuda Sota (増田壮太)

 5 of 5 points.

Watch the trailer on YouTube