Largo’s Links for 30.10.2013

Innovative new chat with gifs working with firefox and chrome.
Chat Meatspaces
Github Repository

Are you designing Websites?
Read about A/B testing from the people at 37signals.
Behind the scenes: A/B testing part 3: Finalé by Jamie of 37signals.

Interessting video talks from the Hacker Meetups in Kansai Area, Japan.
Hacker News Kansai

How to market your personal projects
Marketing your Personal Projects


 Go do interesting things.


Assembler simulator:
Simple 8-bit Assembler Simulator

This is why you shouldn’t interrupt a programmer.




stubby43 kommentiert How to Acquire Any New Skill in 20 Hours or Less

It takes 20 hours to learn a new skill – 10,000 hours to master a.k.a become an Olympian.

Deconstruct the skill: Break down the parts and find the most important things to practice first. If you were learning to play a musical instrument, for example, knowing just a few chords gives you access to tons of songs. If you want to learn a new language, learn the most common 2,000 words and you’ll have 80% text coverage.

Self-correct: Use reference materials to learn enough that you know when you make a mistake so you can correct yourself.

Remove barriers to learning: Identify and remove anything that distracts you from focusing on the skill you want to learn.

Practice at least 20 hours.

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